Saturday, December 5, 2009

Marcella Cucina or Recipes for the Heart Morsels for the Soul

Marcella Cucina

Author: Marcella Hazan

Since the publication of her first book, The Classic Italian Cookbook, more than 20 years ago, Marcella Hazan has been hailed as the queen of Italian cooking in America. Marcella, whose name conjures up a splendid world of food for the devoted millions who love her books and attend her cooking classes, is back again with her finest book yet, Marcella Cucina. Filled with the passion and personality of its author, it is a book not only of fine food and its careful preparation but of personal reminiscences and penetrating commentary about the sensual pleasure of food and its place in our lives.

In vivid introductory essays and seductive headnotes, the narrative of an extraordinary culinary life unfolds. With each memory of a trip, a meal or a flavor, we are treated to the perspective of a great cook and teacher--one who believes that the finest Italian cooking is found in the home. In Marcella Cucina, she focuses on regional cooking, turning her sharp eye to every area of Italy and offering a rich array of flavors and textures from cities and villages alike. Best of all, Marcella cooks at your side with easy-to-follow instructions and lavish full-color photographs that teach you her techniques--from preparing homemade pasta to cleaning artichokes--and allow you flawlessly to re-create her magic in your own kitchen.

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Recipes for the Heart Morsels for the Soul: An Invitation to Life, Love, and Wellness with a Cookbook for Delicious Heathy Eating

Author: Carol Anne Pock

This book begins with the true story of a young couple who faced the two biggest causes of death in society today: cancer and heart disease. Like the authors themselves, the story jumps quickly from an energy of fear to one of courage and determination. Rather than submit to a seemingly cruel twist of fate, Carol and Les began upon a quest for wellness and joy, and take you right along with them for the most delicious ride of your life!

Get to know them, and partake of the wonderful repast they have prepared for you, both at the table with Carol's recipes, and in every moment of the day. The tools are here, the time is now, and your very well-being is on the line.

Table of Contents:
Preface: A Change of HeartXVII
Chapter 1Good Times... Come on, Let's Celebrate1
Chapter 2Discovery7
Chapter 3New Beginnings13
Chapter 4Baby Steps17
Chapter 5A Double Triumph19
Chapter 6Change in Course23
Chapter 7Recipe for a Wealth of Health31
Chapter 8Getting to the Heart of What Matters35
Chapter 9Super Marketing and Label-Ease39
Chapter 10The Meat of the Subject47
Chapter 11Get to "Know" Fat65
Chapter 12Lick the Problem, Not Your Plate79
Chapter 13Eating for the Health of It85
Chapter 14Tips, Tricks, Clues and What to Do's91
Chapter 15Dining Out Defensively... and Enjoyably101
Chapter 16Eat, Drink and Chill111
In Conclusion...117
Beverages & Condiments141
Main Courses175
Side Dishes243
Jewish Cooking265
Kids' Cooking317
Appendix ADaily Requirements of Nutrients329
Appendix BMeasures335
Appendix CCommon Pan and Dish Sizes339
Recipe Index341
About the Author347

Friday, December 4, 2009

Food and Cultural Studies or Exotic Appetites

Food and Cultural Studies (Studies in Consumption and Markets)

Author: Bob Ashley

What and how we eat are two of the most persistent choices we face in everyday life. Whatever we decide on though, and however mundane our decisions may seem, they will be inscribed with information both about ourselves and about our positions in the world around us. Yet, food has only recently become a significant and coherent area of inquiry for cultural studies and the social sciences.

Food and Cultural Studies re-examines the interdisciplinary history of food studies from a cultural studies framework, from the semiotics of Barthes and the anthropology of Levi-Strauss to Elias' historical analysis and Bourdieu's work on the relationship between food, consumption and cultural identity. The authors then go on to explore subjects as diverse as food and nation, the gendering of eating in, the phenomenon of TV chefs, the ethics of vegetarianism and food, risk and moral panics.

This book is fascinating reading for students and academics studying both consumption and cultural studies morebroadly.

Table of Contents:
1Food-cultural studies : three paradigms1
2The raw and the cooked27
3Food, bodies and etiquette41
4Consumption and taste59
5The national diet75
6The global kitchen91
7Shopping for food105
8Eating in123
9Eating out141
10Food writing153
11Television chefs171
12Food ethics and anxieties187

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Exotic Appetites: Ruminations of a Food Adventurer

Author: Lisa M Heldk

Exotic Appetites is a far-reaching exploration of what Lisa Heldke calls "food adventuring": the passion, fashion and pursuit of experimentation with ethnic foods. The aim of Heldke's critique is to expose and explore the colonialist attitudes embedded in our everyday relationship and approach to foreign foods. Exotic Appetites brings to the table the critical literatures in postcolonialism, critical race theory, and feminism in a provocative and lively discussion of eating and "ethnic" cuisine. Chapters look closely at the meanings and implications involved in the quest for unusual restaurants and exotic dishes, related restaurant reviews and dining guides, and ethnic cookbooks.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Best of Amish Cooking or Guide for the Greedy by a Greedy Woman

The Best of Amish Cooking: Traditional and Contemporary Recipes Adapted from the Kitchens and Pantries of Old Order Amish Cooks

Author: Phyllis Pellman Good

This beautiful book by a New York Times bestselling author who is also a leading expert on Amish cooking highlights traditional and contemporary recipes adapted from the kitchens and pantries of Amish cooks.

Phyllis Pellman Good has spent years researching these foods. She has interviewed Amish grandmothers and dipped into old books, diaries, and recipe boxes.

The dishes she selected are ones that were and continue to be popular in eastern Pennsylvania, usually in the Lancaster area. According to Good, they reflect the fruitfulness of Amish fields and gardens, as well as the group's emphasis on family and community.

Color photos set the mood. Wonderful descriptions and introductions prepare the setting. And delicious, savory recipes fill this book with some of the best food you'll find anywhere.

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Guide for the Greedy by a Greedy Woman (Library of Culinary Arts)

Author: Pennell

This is surely the most extraordinary book on food and eating ever published in the English language. Elizabeth Robins Pennell, who was a correspondent for the Pall Mall Gazette at the height of its fashionability, was obviously the inspiration of the "Two Fat Ladies." Beginning with an essay on the virtue of gluttony, it traverses past breakfast, sandwiches, dinner, supper, portage, soups, sole, oysters, partridge, salads, and savouries, coming sadly to an all-too-soon stop at cheese and coffee. Oh, but not forgetting a skirmish with the vegetables.