Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Leah Chase or Food for Thought

Leah Chase: Listen, I Say Like This

Author: Carol Allen

Leah Chase thinks she's like everybody else. She's not. She doesn't think the things she does are out of the ordinary. They are. She is an ordinary person who has struggled quietly and persistently for years, believing in herself and her fellow human beings, with faith that she can improve her world. The story of Leah Chase is the story of a black Creole girl raised in Madisonville, Louisiana, who defied the accepted conventions for women at the time and grew into a woman to be reckoned with. In her roles at the helm of the Dooky Chase Restaurant (one of the most famous Creole restaurants in the country), as a nationally respected patron of the arts, and as a community and civic leader, she has grown to the level of folk hero in both the black and white communities of New Orleans. Leah Chase is a living legend far beyond the boundaries of the city. Leah Chase is a woman who speaks her mind. Her tremendous personal strength and deep religious faith have carried her through the sudden loss of her daughter, a bombing during the Civil Rights era, and boycotts, and have helped keep the peace in her marriage. Told in part in her own words, and through the reflections of others, Leah Chase: Listen, I Say Like This shares the events that have shaped the life of this woman and how she has, in turn, shaped the life of her community. Reading her story inspires one to think, "If she can do it, maybe I can too."

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1Madisonville15
Chapter 2Moving On25
Chapter 3Love and Sacrifice29
Chapter 4You Do What You Have to Do41
Chapter 5Kitchen Ambassador49
Chapter 6Just Feeding Our Clients67
Chapter 7I Just Pray and Keep Going79
Chapter 8Art Smoothes the Edges91
Chapter 9Forty Ducks and Dutch115
Chapter 10A Bunch of Cayoudles123
Chapter 11The Next Generation131
Chapter 12Listen, I Say Like This139

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Food for Thought: Extraordinary Little Chronicles of the World

Author: Ed Pearc

This is a readable, fact-filled history of food written for anybody who eats. A fascinating blend of cookery, sociology, history, anthropology and even theology, entries for most years in history see us advance to the multi-flavored world of food we enjoy today.

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